SunMate Adult Pull on Pants Super Soft

ABOUT SunMate Adult Pull on Pants Super Soft

Adult Care consists of SunMate Adult Diaper which is produced in Hi-Tech with Super Absorbent Core. The Diaper is Soft and Comfortable, especially fit for the usage of immobility.

SunMate Adult Pants Super Soft’s key functions consisted with:

  • Super Soft surface of the diaper
  • Airflow Surface
  • 2 Times Leak Guards
  • Active Fit waistbands

Being made from Raw Materials such as fluff pulp, SAP, nonwoven, tissue, elastic, hotmelt. From the first date of its production process, the quality’s validity period is active for up to 3 years.

Product’s sizes available:

M [Hip Size: 60cm to 90cm] – L [Hip Size: 75cm to 105cm]