SunMate Adult Diaper Tape

ABOUT SunMate Adult Diaper Tape Type M-L & L-XL

Adult Care consists of SunMate Adult Diaper which is produced in Hi-Tech with Super Absorbent Core. The Diaper is Soft and Comfortable, especially fit for the usage of immobility.

SunMate Adult Diaper Tape’s key functions consisted with:

  • Breathable cloth-like back sheet: allow moisture release, reduces heat, prevent irritation and rashes, keeps the skin dry and hygiene.
  • Hi-Tech Super Absorbent core: pressed pulp core with SAP enhances absorbent capacity, locks fluid in the core to minimize skin contact and prevent odor.
  • Wetness Indicator: reminds the appropriate time to change the diaper.
  • Standing Leak Guards: fit body shape, prevent side leakage for total protection.
  • Double Refasten-able tapes: for easy adjusting, provide extra protection in every movement, allow multiple refastening.

Being made from Raw Materials such as fluff pulp, SAP, nonwoven, tissue, elastic, hotmelt. From the first date of its production process, the quality’s validity period is active for up to 3 years.

Product’s sizes available:

M-L [75cm to 110cm] – L-XL [Hip Size: 100cm to 140cm]