We are offering a complete hygiene product portfolio, specializing in the production of disposable baby diapers, adult incontinence products, sanitary napkins for women, wet wipes, and face masks. Our long-lasting partnerships and rigorous quality assessment process give us full confidence that our products will deliver the most comfortable and gentle care to the consumers. Healthy personal hygiene results in high quality of life, and we are here to ensure that.

Baby Care

Our main baby diaper UniDry is the number one diaper brand in Cambodia and is designed to be ultra-soft, super absorbent, and lightly refreshing. There is no better choice than UniDry diapers for the little ones who are full of energy all day long.

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Adult Care

SunMate is the brand for our full-range adult incontinence products, featuring SunMate Adult Diaper with its exclusive super absorbent core. A highly recommended product for those under rehabilitation or who require assistance with mobility.

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Lady Care

YoYo is the star of our sanitary napkin for ladies. With YoYo’s two series, Ultra Soft and Super Dry, they boast both exceptional softness and moisture reduction. In addition, the Japanese antibacterial technology and unique formulas make YoYo a must-have for every young lady seeking freedom and comfort.

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Family Care

UniFresh: All Clean Wet Wipes is the last line of defense for the hygiene health of all members of your family. With Unifresh, maintaining good hygiene is so easy anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

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