YoYo Lady Napkin Double Safe Soft

ABOUT YoYo Lady Napkin Double Safe Soft

YoYo sanitary is a Lady Care product produced for optional Soft and Dry quality. The YoYo sanitary has JAPAN Anti-Bacteria Technology with other Superior Formulas. The Product is fit for every Lady.

YoYo Double Safe Soft’s key functions consisted with:

  • SafeGuard: Active 360 Anti-overflowing system: flexible lift and tight to the body, prevent the liquid from leaking both sides and safety in all movements.
  • Japan SAP + Anti-Bacteria: use Japan High-Quality absorbency material to lock the liquid and add on anti-bacterial to release the smell.
  • Super Soft 3D Surface: Soft material can bring a comfortable touch feeling and a 3D surface is can quickly release humid.
  • Herbal: made of pure cotton with 9 herbs such as Neem, Aloe Vera, Triphala, and many other herbs; to keep your uterus healthy and safe during menstruation.

Being made from Raw Materials such as fluff pulp, SAP, PE-film, nonwoven, release paper, hotmelt. From the first date of its production process, the quality’s validity period is active for up to 3 years.