UniDry Baby Newborn Diaper


Baby Diaper brand “UniDry” is a high-quality baby diaper, designed with freshness, softness, and good hydration quality; specifically, usage is fit for children from birth to 25kg. The Diaper is divided into different categories, yet all of them available in one specialty which is suitable for young active children.

UniDry Baby Newborn Diaper’s key functions consisted with:

  • Safe Non-woven Cover
  • Wetness Indicators
  • Multi-Super Absorbent Polymer Gel System
  • 99-Time Refasten-able Hook & Loop
  • TOP DRY-12s Absorption System

Being made from Raw Materials such as nonwoven fabric, waterproof cloth-like back sheet, hook & loop tapes, elastic, pulp, SAP, and tissue. From the first date of its production process, the quality’s validity period is active for up to 3 years.