Medical Face Mask 3 Ply

ABOUT Medical Face Mask 3 Ply

WINSUN’s personal hygiene products come in a variety of forms, such as health masks, wet wipes, and more. With the advent of these hygiene products, WINSUN believes that the ability to achieve hygienic comfort is available at any time and anywhere.

Medical Face Mask 3 Ply’s key functions consisted with:

  • Anti-droplet outer layer
  • Soft skin contacts the inner layer
  • Bacterial filtration middle layer

Being made from Raw Materials such as nonwoven, melt brown bacterial filtration, elastic ear strap, and PE bridge of nose strip. From the first date of its production process, the quality’s validity period is active for up to 3 years.

This 3 Ply Medical Face Mask contains 50 masks per box.